A Tale of Renewal

A Bird and its Albatross taps on resolution and renewal, an allegorical tale for our times.  Poetry was used as a nod to birdsong and for its introspective nature.
A cockatiel drives others away.  Using haiku, tanka, Italian sonnet, English sonnet, limerick and free form poetry, the gallery paintings of Australian birds by the author lend one to enjoy the flight.

As nature adapts to the changes of physical world, our interactions with others need to be of healthy perspective.

Birds fly  as do thoughts; both seemingly fly aimlessly but eventually land, the cause and effect of thought.



“Recall the bird – as nature’s sole singer,

Trees gone, yet this thrives, breathes, can captivate,

May the beauty of our way ever linger.”

– from A Bird and Its Albatross

This book was inspired by the New York Public Library’s French Book Art/Livres D’Artists and Poets in Dialogue exhibition.


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