Recession Depression

First Kiss

Surviving the Recession Depression

The enigma of our times we can likely call a recession depression. It is incredibly hard on too many incredible people.

Reading the newspapers, we can see people grinning at their own montage of  paparazzi one day and find the very next day their life was miles from wonderful.  They might not be be impacted by the recession depression yet depression certainly hits the rich, less-rich and some far from it.  There are people who are hit by this recession depression have made their last day, and sadly their family’s last day as well,  a final one as a result of their financial downfall.   Many are conflicted.  We need to get as flexible as possible to weather this recession depression together.




It is our inner tenacity that we need to tap to help us weather this recession depression.  This fiscal landslide we are contending with seems to be unraveling then it stalls.  Business as usual has changed. Do spend your time looking for work. Also do things you like that do not cost much. Lay low.  I dragged out, to chill out, (laugh not) the embroidery materials never tossed out.  Somewhere in the midst of tinkering with beads and embroidery yarn (yawn) my stress level dropped. The drop in the stress level opened up perspectives on a few things. I decided to implement the tiny agenda. At one point, way back, my work was in not one, two or three but four small shops.  Worry can block productive thinking, don’t let that happen!

If you know someone in a funk  about a recession depression, help them out of it.  If you are indeed in a funk about this enigma of recession depression, get funky about making a headway with new plans for you. This is great time to have the audacity to laugh at adversity, tackle the recession depression with flair.

If you need or want professional help, scope that out by calling 1 -800-Lifenet (free 24/7 confidential help line for New York City area. Query about help in your area). Non-professional help comes in the way of family, friends, blogs, search engines, brainstorming, job postings, relaxing (drop stress for sake of opening some perspective), the nice cup of tea, an empowering cup of coffee and what ever else you might think of.

Don’t get drastic on the negative side. There are no cold beers in hell or the happier side of the afterlife.  Plus, you can’t exactly dive in the ocean and enjoy it without a body to swim with around in. And, importantly, you can’t lead a better life if you do not have one. Renew!

Be healthy about thinking and get busy with new things. Try cartooning, put sarcasm to work for you! (Smile now, grin..that it!)

International Relations New York

What is behind international politics that drives so many polite discussion and arguments?

International Relations New York

I was in Central Park a gorgeous summer afternoon and had stopped at a hot dog cart for lunch. I exchanged the usual politeness while greeting the vendor, and also asked – with a grin (New Yorkers can smile), where he was from. He was from Bangladesh.  IInternational relations New York = nice happenstance.

As there was a terrible bombing in Bangladesh the previous day, I asked if his family was okay.  International relations New York = possible volatile happenstance.  Clearly touching a very strong nerve he crassly said “What do you care?!”   He already had made most of my lunch, everything was there as he shifted for the drink.

I thought,  International relations New York = give it all you have if you’ve got it, to myself I said, “I’m a New Yorker. He is asking a New Yorker why I care.”   I laid it on him and said “I have met people from your country in New York,  in Brooklyn, and liked them. And so, I imagine they are many that I would like in your country.”  I went off and ate my lunch. He did not look trilled but maybe it  digested better later.

International Relations New York = Occupy International Politics Everywhere.

Occupy the Middle East

Many changes are going on in the middle east in our lifetime. Inspiration for middle eastern peace comes from everywhere there is freedom and everywhere there is none or little of it.  So, really, everyone is a catalyst for change in the middle east. But some people do not like change, usually its the governments.

Occupy the Middle Beast

Freedom in one middle eastern land sparks a desire for freedom in yet another middle eastern area.  Brutal governments spark action by more peacefully minded governments who will not stand for brutality.  Then again, angry citizens topple yet another falling dictator, angry citizens elsewhere call try to toppled even a stumbling dictator, hopeful citizens hoping for civil war – more war, re-building after war, then cost-concerned/angry citizens and, still, talk of new war all as someone is shows off their (late in the race) nuclear prowess. Hopefully there is another way to chill out the looming nuclear bad-boy.  All that other progress will go up in smoke, why damn progress? Who will, what team of elite strategists will, stand up for the common good this time? Would a quiet diplomatic handshake prevail like yesteryear, perhaps between the warm and friendly governments nearby the nuke-dude?   Will a sleek task force resolve it so quietly that harmful dust will never settle?   Transparency is as good as the next cell phone.  In any case, most of us want this profusely annoying game of nuclear show and tell to stop asap.  So…if a well positioned local civilian in that part of town to tip toe past the portentous posse AND…! 

On a lighter note, my youngest recollections of the middle east was watching the incredibly handsome Omar Sherif galloping over the sands of Arabia (Go Omar!).  Decades later in New York City as a young woman, shaking hands with Abba Eban speaking on peace at art exhibit in The Puffin Room. Isreali and Palestinian students exhibited side by side. Hopefully survived the turmoil of their times and continued to see past the hate of older generations. We all hope intelligence prevails as a means to a master peace among people and nations.  In Diplomacy for the Next Century, Abba Eban maintained he was too controversial even in his country as he was more interested in balance than liked.
For humanity to prevail, women must have freedom.

Economic Monopoly

” We are ourselves and a vast collective…” – From A Bird and Its Albatross


Occupying Capitalism

Capitalism has a great flow going for it – for some, and had more so before it slowed down. For some income is slow, “thirsty snail across the desert” slow.

The siphon of cash flow remains to flow upward to those who  created a well positioned money magnet, be they pharmaceutical companies draining the sick for high profits or charging market rent just because everyone else is doing it while your profit is 200 x your need or maybe not modifying the profit margin after your company is running in less overhead for years while business has picking up slowly for years.

Monopolization of everything a human needs to survive and placing ownership on it provides a drain at every orifice. What a landlord can charge for rent has no guideline for the most part. Is pricing everything at market value price fixing? It is to a degree? The law of averages need not apply if your rental income provides (exaturation)  200 x your operational costs. Gas prices are as obnoxious as gas emissions and well….gas. Considering the profits of gas companies and how our transportation and goods cost are driven by gluttony, gas had become a major pain in the a.. and so we need to support the best technology going forward to offset this expensive energy source.

(From an environmental standpoint, with all the literature out there on balancing of the ecosystem, the physical earth is getting sucked as dry as we are. At least were concerted on rebuilding the environment, well a lot of us.)

The working class income gets sucked on upward to the well positioned top players of the mighty monopoly board that capitalism nobly set up for commerce purposes from way back.  Yes there was good in that, especially the reservoir of taxes collected that are apparently still being handed out every now and then.  Those at the other end of the syphon know seeing excess money popping up to be the spotting a $20 dollar bill as the laundry falls out of the drier “Wow, where did that money come from…” (25 cents for 7 minutes, just in case the 1%  curious. ). Things worked like a charm for many years but salaries dwindled and for many it stopped. This impacts the populous leaning on government for support and there goes the governmental slush fund.

(For many though, since that kind of relationship with the government does not come with a two-week paid holiday to London, or Denver or anywhere, most are inclined to continue to job hunt like absolute fiends.)

I provide the following point via a intentions of a trust fund left by the will of Robert Schalkenbach Foundation in 1897; it included a purpose to “spreading among the people of this (USA) and other countries a wider acquaintance with the social and economic philosophy of HENRY GEORGE”.  Here was Henry’s bone of contention, back then:

“Why, in spite of increase in productive power, do wages tend to a minimum which will give but a bare living ?”                                                                                                                                            – Henry George, Progress and Poverty 1879

Henry George went on to say ‘what a firm makes has nothing to do with what it pays its employees’.  These are two points made in the first few of six hundred plus page book that caps off with chapters How Modern Civilization May Decline, The Central Truth and Conclusion – The Problem with Individual Life, and other thoughts on Progress and Poverty.   If we can learn relevant things from the past, we earn a better future.  If wages were higher from far back,  from the beginning of the momentum of big business, there would likely have been less of a gap and perhaps more efficient use of time and tax monies. Our fine populous needs a decent working income and some kind of adjustment of that enormous syphon. We should not be “nickle and dime”-ed to maintain totally gross profits of conglomerates.

(Henry….how do you like your coffee?)

Monopoly Stalemate

The 99%…85%..84%..etc may run, may continue to run or in effect ran out of cash to play on this true to life monopoly board.

We need fresh board for new round of capitalism to start churning. Without making it the next round, without cold hard cash for electric, gas, mortgage payment, food…etc (plus..remember the American dream, some keep dreaming and also play lotto), people will not have spare change for investment or indulgence.

(Fortunately there are more options on cheap coffee than gas.)

Problem being, the top players do not know exactly how to reset the board and/or are not at all eager to reset the board the way the board is presently stacked.  The game of monopoly is great but stalemate is stalemate. Not much goes on at stalemate but tension, gloating and regret all depending.  And, admit it, stalemate is boring.  The reality of remaining at stalemate on the loosing side is bitterly cruel yet comfortable for the winning side.  Stimulus money was an attempt at getting players back in the game. General Motors, with the help of the government, is back on top of the game and so are GM’s employees. We know a faction of the 1% is interesting in resetting the board.  We know a faction really likes playing and is game to get back into it. Like all good gamers, some enjoy calculate risks while others prefer a safe bet. The risk in reality is the real play creates real consequences.

(Now is the time to make coffee and keep pouring until a deal is struck.)

Obama is trying to reset the board by asking the echelon of the board, the people the wealthy also helped place in and round the oval office, to pay more taxes.  Face it, we can all well imagine ourselves as 1%ers.  Some would likely want to hold on to every nickle, penny, dime and dollar you piled up (fess up). Also admit, there are very admirable people in that 1%.   Steve Jobs went to the top and stayed at the top yet what he did had a clear focus on anyone and everyone one sitting in front a computer monitor.  As a result of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and the incredible Apple team players who worked hard and thrived everyday at warp speed intellectually and technologically speaking, the global conversation is easier and faster than ever possibly imagined. The survived youth and thrived (educators take note)  It is clear that teamwork can provide the catalyst to break the stonewall on this profusely boring stalemate.   The generosity of both his time and the intellect he has left us with to build on.

(Time to find some dessert to have with the next pot of coffee. Who can afford the dessert? Maybe soon we all will.)

Warren Buffet is behind paying more taxes. (Go Warren!)  Other 1%ers allude to going for the idea while doing nothing but hide behind the Republicans.   The Republicans protect their investments to leverage a win in the next election, re-election or ejection.  Obama, must definately say, admirably raised the issue and did so impressively and politely (Mama-bama! Grand-Mama-bama! Rest your soul!)  Sitting on the fence is maybe a large 2/3% (or larger) part of the 1%  watching all political debates on this looming tax issue as they stoically unearth tax shelters from the comfort of huge abodes while they could be donating them to homeless shelters for those running out of income to pay the escalating values of a market rent.



Don’t spend your money all in one place.

Don’t save your money all in one place.

Eat healthy to avoid the high cost of health care.


Create Calm – Celebrate Civility!


Images featured are from the Audience Series in Gallery Longo by the author.