Recession Depression

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Surviving the Recession Depression

The enigma of our times we can likely call a recession depression. It is incredibly hard on too many incredible people.

Reading the newspapers, we can see people grinning at their own montage of  paparazzi one day and find the very next day their life was miles from wonderful.  They might not be be impacted by the recession depression yet depression certainly hits the rich, less-rich and some far from it.  There are people who are hit by this recession depression have made their last day, and sadly their family’s last day as well,  a final one as a result of their financial downfall.   Many are conflicted.  We need to get as flexible as possible to weather this recession depression together.




It is our inner tenacity that we need to tap to help us weather this recession depression.  This fiscal landslide we are contending with seems to be unraveling then it stalls.  Business as usual has changed. Do spend your time looking for work. Also do things you like that do not cost much. Lay low.  I dragged out, to chill out, (laugh not) the embroidery materials never tossed out.  Somewhere in the midst of tinkering with beads and embroidery yarn (yawn) my stress level dropped. The drop in the stress level opened up perspectives on a few things. I decided to implement the tiny agenda. At one point, way back, my work was in not one, two or three but four small shops.  Worry can block productive thinking, don’t let that happen!

If you know someone in a funk  about a recession depression, help them out of it.  If you are indeed in a funk about this enigma of recession depression, get funky about making a headway with new plans for you. This is great time to have the audacity to laugh at adversity, tackle the recession depression with flair.

If you need or want professional help, scope that out by calling 1 -800-Lifenet (free 24/7 confidential help line for New York City area. Query about help in your area). Non-professional help comes in the way of family, friends, blogs, search engines, brainstorming, job postings, relaxing (drop stress for sake of opening some perspective), the nice cup of tea, an empowering cup of coffee and what ever else you might think of.

Don’t get drastic on the negative side. There are no cold beers in hell or the happier side of the afterlife.  Plus, you can’t exactly dive in the ocean and enjoy it without a body to swim with around in. And, importantly, you can’t lead a better life if you do not have one. Renew!

Be healthy about thinking and get busy with new things. Try cartooning, put sarcasm to work for you! (Smile now, grin..that it!)

Getting Rid of Stress


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Getting Rid of Stress

Sometimes decisions are easy, sometimes they are not.

Stress effects have a tendency to get directly in the way of getting rid of stress. Life has its way of piling things on. At times stress can be like a tide of icy cold water yet other moments, when things are easier to mange, working things out can be as warm as a tropical breeze. Walking around with a huge stress ball is very often too emotionally cumbersome to be healthy. It can also side track goals of the day no matter the perfect weather.  While a cat may remedy a gnarly hair ball in one toss, getting rid of stress a mega-stress ball is just as unpleasant but rarely as quick to toss.

Realize that making decisions when exhausted, annoyed, angry, perplexed or simply thinking of everything all at once is like trying to take salt out of the ocean.  If the tide of stress is too high, step back. Side stepping stress to sort out  priorities and problems might create the best angle for gaining perspective and for making healthy decisions.

Get objectivity and the matters before you.  Look around for options, think practically, think pragmatically and logistically on what is possible to improve and to make happen.  Healthy perspectives on handling stress can be an an acquired skill,  a skill that can take a little building up to gain momentum.

Tap into the side of yourself that wants to run with better options.  Make subtle changes. Enjoying new things can serve to create a climate of change.  Being flexible and treating  yourself – and others, well can provide peace of mind as you work even issues out.  Lifting the weight of emotional stress will create room for easier decision making.  You think one thought at a time; stress can cloud the objectivity of your time for too much time than is practical.

Being a healthy motivating force for yourself, and others, not only makes better things happen but serves to avoid drama, stress and harm as well.

Also read:    When Stress is Good for You (Wall Street Journal) It can further your understanding of healthy perspectives on stress.