Doing Your Thing As A Writer


Doing Your Thing As A Writer

 “…I laugh at the absurdity of life, of the fretting of the faust and the fanatic, on a world that will spin beyond our time…”  – from A Bird and Is Albatross.”

When I thought about America’s Independence Day, I slid into thinking about conviction. American has a ton of adamant conviction about independence. In thinking about a conviction and doing my thing as a writer, one need to reduce the mundane tasks that get in the way of goals.Realize focusing on the mundane can be about a tall desire to reducing distractions, about getting things out of the way, and providing a create a perfect framework of mind for, in my case, doing my thing as writer….letting your mind flow.

Laundry, for instance, is a kill-joy on your day off. For those of you with large household appliances and/or someone who does it for you (honey..), you have no kill joy. As a single parent without large household project (no honey), spending time in a public laundry room is like doing laundry in a fairly crowded subway car in New York City – it can be either not overtly unfriendly, neutral or actually hostile; the floors are never clean, people with clothes needing refreshing and where “excuse me” does not translate in any dialect.  How rude can people be in a laundry mat in NYC?  While donning a new cast,  I tried doing a load of towels. The wash was a breeze,  but when a laundry maven did not apologize, or gesture an apology in her naive tongue after clearly swinging a dryer door on to arm, I politely donned a hard stare in her direction while thinking to myself “pardon *^%$&* moi”, and, although Europe was obviously not her native continent, she folded fast and took off.  Conversely, it was nice to have a couple of ultra polite Asian immigrants do my laundry better – and easier, than my own mother. Admittedly, when my arm healed, I mumbled it still bothered me after the cast came off. I finally caved in and did it after 3 months.

Managing the mundane with the least amount of effort will free up your time. Whether its delegating the laundry, ordering take-out to avoid the distraction of cooking/doing dishes, or having a pot of coffee for dinner so you can just sit down to work,  letting your place go to ruin until you finish the 5th chapter, time saved can result your next agenda being chapters 6, 7..whatever it is.

But when the dog has to g – poo happens, get up and stretch you legs; the alternative stinks.

Achieving my Goals


Whole Note   Medium: Ink on paper           Liz Longo

Achieving My Goal

Achieving my goal. How the WORLD am I going to do that?  It doesn’t depends on the continent, I live in New York. But New York is expensive, but New York has a more options than there are looser in the weekly lottery (well, at least we are ALL in good company…sort of, lol).

Achieving my goal. How in New York am I going to do that?  Get determined. definitive, decisive.  Like now, writing this blog. Achieving my goal of writing a decent blog as the quiet fan keeps me cool while an air conditioner would make life in New York even more expensive. And they are loud and they block the view and they are expensive. Distractions do not help me in achieving my goal.

Get determine, definitive and decisive about achieving my goal.  I want another play produced, I like to see actors draw life from a script and have an audience say “Yeah!” Determined to make coffee, or drink something good, at 9pm and work till 11pm when its  quiet.  Definitive to maintain my home studio-office abode in a welcoming state. Decisive to get in the focus mode where I can hear myself think, when my cockatiels sit all night like a flock of meditative buddhas.

And as my achievements pile up, so you can say  raise your glass . And your dreams are ready for you  – wake them up to reality!

Making Personal Potential Actual



Personal Potential
The Mind’s Eye Series
Title:       No. 1
Medium:  Ink on Paper
Size:       16″ x 20″

Make Your Personal Potential Actual

Our mind’s eye sets a sight on personal potential, inner vision is the catalyst for action.  How do you make your personal potential actual?

The action you take about your personal potential actual can not never be passive. One can be modest or low key about it but not passive. On the flip side, do not get burned out or exhausted from wild ruthless abandoned in attaining goals but be concerted and ardent about developing your personal potential. Make your personal potential goals actual.  What personal skills are you aiming to use do you need to trump up those skills?  Are you going about self study before applying to a class (and/or the loans you may need for your class)?  Are you learning a new computer system that will be needed for the work? Are you thinking about reinventing your current work space to get the ball rolling?

How might the laws of physics apply in the making your personal potential actual? Inertia can be a factor if you are spinning your wheels instead of gauging them on the track of success. Cause and effect does not only pertain to the physical world, it also pertains to thoughts as they are directed, spoken, acted upon, written and written about, produced, sculpted, painted, designed, built, encouraged and directed on a set of a actors. Force and momentum are integral parts in getting things done in, for example three years instead of four years.  If you consider all running around you will be doing to make that personal potential actual, you can figure your personal potential is the momentum behind the centrifugal force on your track to actually making your personal potential actual. How is that for empowerment! Empowering a good healthy mindset is key to so may thing in life.

What your goals?

What are your goals? What are they based on? Where are you headed with your goals? Laying the framework for your goals will enable you to let the seeds of your personal potential actually take root in your life. A thought will roll your possibilities into an agenda, nudge the tapped interest into actually starting the motion of it all and then focus – focus – focus on maintaining action until results after results and more results will result of candid success.

Making your personal potential actual is all about working on your goals, this keeps you  in the goal zone. That is not a bad place to be! Achieving your goals by done building up your personal abilities by staying on top of news in your field, healthy food for your body and healthy framework for your mind is vital to personal success.  Managing life’s multitude of distractions is a vital aspect for making your potential actual.

Goals take time to come to fruition

  • A scientist may concentrate on a problem for more than decade until a problem is solved then legalities and preparing logistics may come into play for a another five years before the solution is put to the marketplace.
  • A soccer player can run miles every month yet rarely in straight line but the mind is on the goal. The mind’s eye here has created a very definitive personal potential of driving the goal home.
  • Edison turned on a light.  When other people saw the light, they saw what Tommy (someone probably called him that) had in mind at the end of his tunnel (vision, perhaps) for a considerable long amount of time.   Tommy held fast to his visions of  light before he applied the physical energy needed to illuminate it. If he had doubted himself, he would have remained in the dark, both literally and figuratively. His personal potential became actual on a grand scale and many benefited.

The diligence we uniquely need to attain our personal goals can be a tall task sometimes but when the goal is a part of who you are, you take the time when it is needed to make it happen. Great guitarists diligently tune up before each gig, between songs in a set and you can see it when they changes guitars on stage. They are humble to the simple task of tuning up to put the best sound out there.  Commit to very healthy goals and enjoy the quest to attaining them.  Once you have reached a new level of skill, keep your mind’s eye on the options opening up before and around you as well.

“Getting there is a part of being there; it is part of the experience of the goal.” – Liz Longo

Making your work area suitable for you will result in your spending more time there developing that personal potential.  I was working at job in a bookstore and was stationed on a low day at an information desk stocked to the max with Feng Shui books.  I applied basic Feng Shui elements for the location of my desk. The result ended was I worked at that desk much more often than before and for longer periods of time on my personal goals.  My personal potential peaked over the course of that particular summer. I created a new series of art work. Point being, make your work zone work for you. Make it work in a good way.

Do not get distracted!  It is as easy to get distracted when you go away to colleges as it is with a remote control in the quiet comfort of your own living room. An individual might simply be lobbying for your time or leveraging doubt about your, or maybe another person’s goals. Maybe the life changes you have as you are developing your full potential is or will make a change in the relationship dynamics? Is that what they are thinking about?  They might not lay all cards on the table to explain and it might get confusing and frustrating.   Don’t linger on it or doubt. Isn’t a large part of their doubt the inability to see through your, theirs or another persons mind’s eye?  This is not to say ignore your family, friends or colleagues, it is to say keep someone else doubt or drama away out and far from your agenda.

Personal relaxation is great, relaxing with college buddies is great but totally slacking on working at your personal potential might end up actually diluting your momentum, so be careful about that.  Keep your timeline in mind.  Have your favorite coffee ready or power drink ready or what ever it is that will make you snap back into your  goal-mode and enjoy developing that personal potential you are clad with. Enjoying your full personal potential will be great and there are many new people at that point to work with when you do.

People make great things happen when their potential becomes actual. Often enough many people come into play as are an integral part our new work or new image, whatever it is.  From shooting a film to running to standing up to a gnarly dictator to working in an emergency room, our  interchanges are key also to both the process of making immediate and long therm goals happen. How we relate back and forth creates a cause and effect.  Transfer of information, verbal, emotional or technical, has its impact on making our personal potential actual.

No one can see threw your eyes and so personal potential is ours unto ourselves for the most part. Sure, we can use positive feedback or constructive criticism to get kinks out of our plans.  It is fun to talk about what we want to do. Attaining personal potential often entails working with many others to attain one’s lifetime ultimate goals, but don’t be sidetracked by doubt. Offset any doubts you have by fine tuning your plan. If someone can’t see “your blue sky”, maybe the visual pathway before your eyes does not look the same to them. Maybe they see the sky as a fantastic hue of fuchsia. If a a poet writes about the vastness of the sky, the universe, people might get on the same page for an amount of time (before the critics swarm in to damn the context).

We can help each other attain goals and healthy realties when we tap into our innervision.  By great brainstorming on your needs/goals, you can break up the glare stress or doubt can cast as you work hard on making your potential actual.

Think healthy! Eat healthy! Make your personal potential actual!

Enjoy being in the goal zone as you are working in!

Positive Thinking Thoughts


    We  think one thought at a time. The next comes along and thoughts can sway from one viewpoint or perspective to another. This is great if you have successive positive thinking thoughts. Healthy objectives can become very healthy realities.
     Converse to walking around happily with happy go lucky thoughts, there are times when one can fester on fretting and troublesome thoughts. Tunnel vision may come into play, which causes the lateral movement of objective thinking to drop, like a copper penny wobbling downward after a steady spin. Staying on course for your healthy goals takes keeping objectivity as your pilot, co-pilot and master navigator.
     One might be even be thinking and conversing with another person, discussing something for which you seek a climate of optimism, and find, curiously, you are confronted by overshadowing clouds of commiseration.  Do not shortchange minutes of the day with depressive or even cheap commiseration, designed by whoever, to fortify a bad situation to allow resolving being bitter, full of anger or unhappiness. Forge better conversations, start better options. Dwell in a climate of positive thinking thoughts while analyzing problems, this will allow the mind to shift along all those the latitudes and longitudes of options. Healthy objective thinking will indeed feel a lot better than remaining in a puddle of panic.
     Heathy objectives can dart light through dark clouds of heavy emotion. Overcoming fixed unproductive modes or routines, as for example,  “couch potato crabbiness” (What…you know someone with this affliction?),  will take some energy. Feeling better emotionally does actually feel actually better. Healthy eating by taking in the right food for the health of your body is a key part of it. Working on a healthy mindset, a key element for inner contentment, is the other key part of it.  Taking care of the mind by thinking and acting on healthy objectives will guide you to attaining them. Banging on, or polishing, the door of dismay doesn’t open the door to a renewal. Fresh air and contentment  is accomplished by enjoying the results of healthy decisions.
     Take time for yourself, let your mind relax and see how your goals look when its quiet. Our thoughts can fly like a bird but can also bear down hard on ones soul.  Realize that what is headed your way and make the best of the potential outcome by thinking healthy thoughts.
     What our albatross is today, was last week, or was last year, is the past; it shouldn’t loom so close as to possibly irritate us. It is not healthy to let the past wreck our future or the future of others. We can learn from it and we can never forget. Setting a course with positive thinking thoughts will help.  You can guide yourself, a friend and/or students toward healthy prospects. We can be the inspiration and innovation for resolving issues or working on something in a progressive way.  Be it resolving an issue or working toward a particular goal in a progressive way, you can make those healthy ambitions into healthy realities.
      Life is not simple; life is complex. A simple sentence explains it quite well.   Nothing is ever perfect and how we  handle  those times makes a tremendous difference – it takes that next thought….think!
       Create calm – celebrate civility.