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Premiere Edition with Preface, Afterword
 ISBN: 987-0-9825039-4-2  ISBN: 978-0-615-50421-6
“The wind has not changed; still the grey bird there…”  – from  A Bird And Its Albatross
      A Bird and its Albatross, A Tale of Renewal is about bird that isolated himself in a tree, the community around him, and a nightjar who lands for an intuitive conversation.  We can not forget what has happened in history, or is going on presently, the tale is about going forward in a new wake.  A Bird and Its Albatross is told in verse as a gesture to birds song. Haiku, sonnet and other forms of poetry are there to the soul with thought.
      As an emerging author, my writing was embraced by Gina Meyers at Serendipity Media Press (Fresno, CA). Gina Meyers, successful author of Love at First Bite, The Hot Italian Mama Cookbook and The Magic of Bewitched Cookbook, became a key player in powering up my energies and momentum as a new author.  Candidly asking me about painting illustrations for it, my first thoughts were “the vast number of my strokes are abstract, modern”, LizLongoArtsSpace , but I flew off the east coast of my comfort zone to take on feathering techniques while I read and researching birds and their antics for Serendipity on the west coast.
     The cockatiel is the main character in A Bird and Is Albatross.  As they tend to make quite a scene on their own in Australia from what I am told. it was an appropriate bird for the tale.  I am familiar with the domestic variety.
      Gouache, acrylic and ink on paper were used for the colorful images of Australian birds.
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